Self-sufficiency is not about going it alone. It takes a community to stamp out poverty. It is about building a network of useful resources that will support the individual in their struggle to escape poverty. The purpose of the conference is to break the cycle of poverty through the practice of interdependence with the community to achieve independence for the individual. It’s about sharing skills and building a network to take advantage of the help from the community. It’s about bringing the people living in poverty out of isolation while paying attention to their perspectives.

The Opportunity Conference is an approach that is solution focused, customer centric, family based, strength oriented, needs driven and involves developing customized strategies for each individual. It brings together people who have skills to build professional enhancement, personal growth, and inspiration with the individuals whose success is dependent on the development of these attributes. The conference provides the community the opportunity and the capacity to fight poverty while embracing those who experience it in a constructive partnership.

Sponsors Needed

You are about to embark on a process that will change poverty and the way it is viewed in your community. It will not only impact the lives of those who live in poverty, it will change the way your community views the issue of poverty. It implements strategies that will change the way people live.

The Opportunity Conference will bring people living in crisis, living on the financial edge, people who don’t feel there is hope, together with people who can help them move from where they are to where they could be. It will give people the resources they don’t yet know how to use to make their way out. The Opportunity Conference will present a vision of what can be and provide the community tools to help achieve this goal.

The Opportunity Conference concept has been designed by people who have lived in poverty. Strategies for assisting people to move out of poverty often miss the perspective of those who are experiencing poverty and fail to build the necessary capacities for moving out of poverty. The result is poverty reduction efforts that do not provide a flexible, comprehensive approach for moving people from crisis to stability. These efforts, while well intentioned, only help people to cope with the poverty conditions and to “get by”. With the Opportunities Conference approach, people are met where they are and are provided support from the perspective of people who have lived in poverty. This includes resources to help people with what they need, resources that address emotional, psychological, physical and practical needs.

Conference Sponsors

The Opportunity Conference Steering Committee wishes to thank all of our sponsors for their generous donations.

For more information on sponsorships or joining the Steering Committee, please contact Heather Devaney or call 707-803-1608


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